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Friday, December 28, 2007

WHOA! What a Howliday!

Well, we are back from all the howliday festivities that included Mommy and Daddy`s wedding! YIPPIE!!!! Numerous Christmas gatherings with the family! And... some down time with Mommy and Daddy where they just spent time with US! We all snuggled in bed and watched Christmas movies! That is one of our favourite things to do!!! ♥

Mommy and Daddy`s wedding was beautiful. They had such a wonderful time and are so happy now. Mommy says that we were so well behaved the weekend of the wedding. She was worried that we were going to be MONSTERS! bol bol bol Aparantly, we have a special surprise coming our way for being such good girls. SCORE!!! Can`t wait to find out what it is!

Christmas was, well, busy!!! There was lots of travelling here and there to see this person and that person. Needless to say, we got spoiled!!!! How can you not love Christmas and all the attention you get... bol

However, for Mommy and Daddy, Christmas was not all that they wanted it to be. They BOTH came down with the flu (along with everyone else they know) so they were not up to par. Despite being feverish and freequent trips to the washroom (eek!) they found a way to pull it together and spend the howlidays with our family! BRAVO! bol bol bol

Anyway, Christmas morning at our house was different this year than others. With the wedding, there was no time for Christmas decorations and what not. Our Christmas tree didn`t get put up because Mommy and Daddy took it to the hall for the wedding. SHEESH! Nonetheless, Mommy and Daddy still got us lots of pressies and had them all set up in the livingroom on Christmas morning! YAY! We love pressies!!!!!

We will report more on what we got for Christmas real soon. Mommy has to get our pics up!


Peanut said...

Congrats on the wedding and all the christmas presents

The Thuglets said...

Happy New Year. Congraulations on the wedding. Hope 2008 is the bestest for you all.

Welcome to DWB's. Happy blogging.

the thugletsx