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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Computer Mishap...


We have not been able to post as often as we would have liked these past few days because we had a little computer mishap. We use a laptop to do all our blogging and other computer related activities.

Well, as most of you know with the holidays it has been Christmas Vacation for the kids from school. On ALL holidays, vacations, days off, and weekends our Uncle Matthew (Mommy's 12 ..almost 13.. year old brother) comes to visit and stay with us. So he was here for the 2 week break with us, which was so much fun! We ALWAYS have fun with Uncle Matthew! He's also our DDS a.k.a. Designated Dog Sitter! BOL BOL BOL

Well, one day Mommy went to use the computer and it was doing some really weird and random things. The more she investigated, the worse it got. She thought that the keys on the keypad felt funny so she asked Uncle Matthew if he had spilled something on it and he said "NO". So, Mommy waited for Daddy to get home from work to have a look at it. They both decided that they should take it to the shop to be looked at.

So, off they went. The guy took one look at it and said something had been spilled on the keypad. UH-HUH! He opened it up and there it was..... pop!! More specifically, coke! AHHH! Mommy and Daddy were angry! They computer guy investigated and said that it looked like we had got lucky and no pop had got into any of the components, just on the keypad. He gave them the keypad to take home, with washing instructions, and said to wash it, let it dry and bring it back to see what would happen. So, they did this.

A few days later they went back to see computer guy. He put the keypad back in played around with it and said that there don't seem to be any ill effects to the computer itself. YAY! We're back in business! Mommy and Daddy take it home and are happy. That is until the next morning when Mommy goes to check her email and they keys are sticking and random things are happening! UGH! So, now Mommy knows how to take the keypad out and wash it, so she does it again. She lets it dry for 48 hours and puts it back. SUCCESS!!! Until the next day when it starts sticking again!!

So here we are.... Mommy figures she will continue to try taking it out and washing it a few more times before we go to the cost of replacing the keypad. Hopefully this will work itself out in a matter of time.

So, this means that our computer and blogging time is going to be every few days because we have to take the keypad out and wash it then let it dry for a few days. *sigh*

OH!!! And how did the coke get into the keypad in the first place, you ask? The story according to Uncle Matthew goes something like this:

He was using the laptop after Mommy and Daddy went to bed. He had got a coke and had it on the coffee table. He got tired and fell asleep. The coke was sitting beside the laptop. He assumes the cat must have jumped on the table and knocked the glass of coke over and onto the laptop in the middle of the night. All of this unknown to any of us.

Upon further investigation, Mommy did discover pop residue (a very small amount) on the coffee table and floor ... thank goodness for hardwood floors.

Needless to say, Uncle Matthew is no longer allowed to have drinks around the laptop and Mommy and Daddy take it to their room when they go to bed.


Peanut said...

hey you say pop also. cool. Mom doesn't let any liquids near the computer and yells at our girl (she's 12) she she tries to take some close.

Keyanna said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

...but did the cat receive any punishment at all? No. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD WHEN CATS CAN STRUT AROUND UNPUNISHED.
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