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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Scary Times Have Come and Gone...

I haven’t been able to woof as much as I would like the past few weeks. Why? That’s a LONG story that I won’t get into. However, if you must know you can read about it in the revious entry titled Computer Mishap.

I called this entry Scary Times Have Come and Gone because that’s exactly what the past few days have been for me.

Let me start from the beginning.......

Friday afternoon I was helping Mommy with chores around the house.

helping = getting in the way and causing mischief

Mommy was in her room putting away the laundry when I came bounding into the room, jumped on the bed and did my happy dance with my squeaky AirDog tennis ball in my mouth. I dropped it on the bed and barked at Mommy, “Let’s play! Throw the ball! Throw the ball! THROW THE BALL!!!!”

She grabbed the ball and I trembled with excitement, my eyes glued to the ball in her hand. “THROW THE BALL!!” I pleaded.

Mommy launched the ball out the door and into the hallway. I flew from the bed and after it. “FETCH! FETCH!! FETCH!!!,” I woofed as I chased after and retrieved my most prized and sacred possession. I ran back into the bedroom, leapt onto the bed with my chest puffed out as much as I could make it, so proud of my perfect demonstration of ‘fetch’. I dropped the ball and looked to Mommy. “AGAIN!!!!!”

Again she grabbed my ball and tossed it for me. We repeated this over and over again. I’m certain Mommy must have been nauseous from throwing my ball so much. BOL BOL BOL

The last time she threw the ball and I came back with my prize on her bed, she looked at me with a look of concern on her face and gave me the “drop down” command which means something is going on because she wants me to freeze. I dropped down on the bed and she grabbed me and started looking at me all over.

What had happened was that she noticed a smear of blood on the bed comforter. She looked me over and noticed that I was bleeding from my paw.

Mommy held me and wouldn’t let me go. “Mommy let me go please, I want to play more fetch.” I tried to wiggle my way free, but she wouldn’t let go. UGH! I wiggled and wiggled, but I couldn’t get free.

At this point she called in reinforcement... Uncle Matthew.

She instructed him to get a towel from the closet and bring it right away. In came Uncle Matthew with the towel. Mommy wrapped it around my paw. It was at this point that I realized that something was wrong with me so I stopped wiggling and let her do what she was going to to me ... surrender. She then told Uncle Matthew to get the First Aid kit and the phone. He did as he was told.

Mommy took the towel from my paw. The bleeding had slowed, but had not stopped yet. She took a good look at it. I heard her mumble to herself something about how had I managed to cut myself. Then she looked closer and exclaimed that I had a growth on my lower leg. She touched it and looked at me. She asked me if it hurt. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t even realize that it was there.

She then handed me to Uncle Matthew and asked him to hold me while she bandaged my paw. I sat still and allowed them to do whatever they were going to. I can be a good girl when I need to be. They bandaged my paw together and then she told Matthew to lay me on the bed while she called the Vet.

I laid there and listened intently to the one sided conversation she had with the Vet. She made an appointment for me first thing Saturday morning to have it looked at.

When she got off the phone she looked at me and said poor Nali. "WHAT! ?! I’m fine! I’ll even show you how fine I am! "

I jumped up and grabbed by ball and took off out of the room and into the hall. Mommy came after me demanding that I get back into bed and `take it easy`. UGH! I did as I was told.

Despite my pleading and numerous attempts to demonstrate that I was fine, Mommy didn’t buy it! So, I had to lay and be still all night! HUMFH! Not the exciting and fun filled night I had planned on having!

The next morning Mommy and I went in the truck to the Vet! I love going for rides in the truck and I also love to go visit Dr. M.. We got there and found out that Dr. M. had been promoted to a position at the emergency clinic. I was bummed that I couldn’t see her, but hay for her too.

I was escorted into the exam room by a tech who I didn’t really like too much. He asked Mommy all kinds of questions, looked me over, shoved that cold thing up my *ahem* butt *ahem* and then looked at the growth on my leg. I was not too impressed and glad when he left the room. I looked to Mommy and woofed at her, "Who’s that Chump? I don’t like him." She petted me and told me to clam down and be a good girl. *sigh*

Soon after, in came Dr. K.. She was nice enough. She petted me and told me I am a good girl. She then started to ask Mommy questions and examine me. She looked at the growth on my leg and told Mommy she had seen these many times. It’s a type of tumour!

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I looked to Mommy. Her eyes were filling with tears. I put my paws on her shoulders and gave her a kiss. "It’s ok Mommy. I’ll get to the bottom of this..."

The Vet, whom I was now beginning to become sceptical of, told Mommy that she was 90% certain that it is benign. However, she said that we should do a cytology test to be sure. Mommy agreed to the test. She said to me that we have to be certain. Dr. K. Left the room and came back with reinforcements... the Chump and the tech lady that I usually see and love!

The Chump grabbed me and put me into a body lock! I squirmed and tried to get free but he wouldn’t let me go. Mommy touched me and told me; to settle and that it would be alright, that I just needed to stay still.

I did as I was told.

Dr. K. stuck a needle into the growth and tried to get a sample. I jumped, scratching the Chump in the process, and tried my hardest to break free. No dice! Mommy again soothed me and I settled. She stuck me again and this time got a sample. My poor growth started to bleed and bleed and bleed.

The nice tech lady took me and held me while she stopped the bleeding. She then bandaged my paw and gave me to Mommy... SAFETY!

Dr. K. told Mommy it would take a few days to get the cytology results back. In the meantime, she said we should treat the tumour as though it is benign. She gave her a steroid cream to put on my paw daily. She explained that if it is benign with a few months treatment that it may go away on its own and we could avoid surgery. The cream may work and it may not. She did stress that it would take at least 3-6 months. So she said treat it and let’s see what the results of the test are. Mommy agreed.

We walked out of the office and to the truck. Mommy put me in and climbed in beside me and started to cry. She held me and just cried. I kissed her. "I love you Mommy. It’s going to be ok. You’ll see. Have faith. I really do love you Mommy." I kissed her again and again trying to calm her and sooth her obviously broken heart.

We drove home in silence. I sat on her lap the whole way.

She then had to call Daddy and tell him when we got home (he had to work). More tears... on both ends of the phone. They were both devastated. Mommy and I sent the day snuggling in bed. I wanted to play with Starr and Faith, but I knew Mommy needed the warmth and comfort only I could provide her.

When Daddy came home, he picked me up and just held me... for a long time. He kept mumbling something into my fur, but it was too muffled for me to understand. "I love you Daddy."

Later in the evening Mommy showed Daddy how to change my bandages and showed him where exactly the tumour is and what it looks like so we can monitor it. I could tell it was hard for them.

In the days that followed Mommy and Daddy were obviously stressed and worried. I did my best to comfort them. I let them know that I love them. I also wanted to show them that I am fine, so I played with Starr and Faith and played with all my toys...... business as usual!

Honestly, other than having this tumour on my leg and it being bandaged, you would never know anything was wrong with me. I’m not in ain and it’s not brining me down. Like I said, it’s business as usual! I’m fine!!!

Last night (Monday night), just as we were walking out the door to go to doggy school ...I’m fine tuning my skills so I can do my CGC (Canine Good Citizen) testing... the phone rang. It was Dr. K.. Mommy couldn’t handle it so she gave the phone to Daddy. Dr. K. gave Daddy the best news ever. The tumour is benign. THANK DOG!

She explained to Daddy that we should continue to treat it with the steroid cream for a period of 3-6 months to see if it will subside or go away on it’s own. After that time period we will revisit it and decide whether or not surgery is needed.

Daddy hung up the phone kissed Mommy grabbed me and we had a group hug. I was kinda confused, but loving the attention and love! BOL Mommy then said that I was going to be ok and I clued in.

So, now here I am! Outta the woods. Cancer free!

I have to keep my leg bandaged for the next 3-6 months and have it changed and cream applied every day but that sure is better than having cancer and going through surgery!


...thankful and blessed...


Simba said...

I'm glad you are safe and sound!

hugs and kisses,


ps: I LOVE my new coat!!

Peanut said...

Oh we are so glad it wasn't cancer. How scary for your mom and dad and you to

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